Monday, March 26, 2012

H vs Z: Round One

One of my favorite things about Western is the activities that our clubs plan! We have a number of clubs on campus, all are easy to join and it is a GREAT way to get involved on campus. Currently the club, ASOPA (Associated Students of Performing Arts) is putting on 'Humans vs. Zombies'. Now that the beta group is over we have over 55 players in the school involved. Check out the website!

It's so much fun! In just one day we already have ten zombies! I think the game will only last till Friday but who even knows, it's all about chance. So many people are being eaten. And personally, one of my best friends has become a zombie! It's so sad because I think my roomie is going to be next...

Honestly, it seems like this game would add stress but really it is SUCH a stress reliever for me! I get to focus on class in class and then once i'm out I can relax about that a little by always being on the look out for zombies. Don't worry: there are safe zones! Like classrooms, work, dorm rooms and bathrooms. Right now I am hiding out in a dorm room! Even though it's a zombies dorm room... awkward.
This is one of the many posters at our school. In your search for college programs, makes sure to visit the ASG (Associated Student Government) office at the school and learn about the clubs on campus! Getting involved is one of the most important things when heading to college. It helps you make friends, stay active, and enjoy your first years out of home! Even if it isn't your first year out of home and you will be applying as an nontraditional student it is still VERY important to get involved! Good luck!
Emily Suzette

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Attending Western

Coming to this school has been the best decision I have ever made in my young life. Right now I’m in a Geology class and I honestly never thought science could be so fun! My teachers are Dudley Gardner and Charlie Love. They are really helpful. One great thing about going to a smaller school is that it is much easier to get personal attention from your teachers. They all have office hours where you can come ask questions AND they are really easy to contact by e-mail.

For anyone considering becoming a theatre major listen up... THIS is the school for you! The theatre department is the best place to start your college theatre career. It will lead you into any graduate program after you’re done at your time here with amazing tools and skills. I have already been through the whole program and I have improved more as a performer than I ever thought I could. Please, please consider our program!

You can ask my anything you want in my ask box on the left side of this page. Ask about school, theatre, life, the dorms etc. Any questions you have are welcome!

Spring Break [Part 2]

Hello! This is a continuation of my Spring Break experience.

Another thing we did was going to the
Metropolitan Museum of art. I had been there before and wasn't too excited about the whole thing. But I saw some great art and had a good time exploring with my friends! Finding the cafeteria was difficult... and then it was too expensive anyway!

We visited Saint Patrick's Cathedral. My little sister, who is a photographer, took my camera and snapped a lot of artsy pictures! She likes to do that. Here is one of those pictures here. It was a really beautiful place, and it was GIGANTIC!

Little Italy. Oh what fun! We ate food at a nice little Italian restaurant. I mean what's little Italy without eating some good ol' Italian food?

And that is an overview of my Spring Break.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break [Part 1]

HI! I missed you all. I have so many thing I want to blog about! First, i'll tell you about my spring break. I had the opportunity to go to New York City this Spring Break!

So, I'll give you the highlights of my trip. First, I MET NICK JONAS! I hope ya'll know who he is. That's him in this picture here; He is one of the three Jonas Brothers. He tlaked really quiet and I saw him in the show 'How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying' on Broadway. My tickets were only thirty dollars and great seats!!! He did pretty good in the show. I loved how he used a more musical theatre style of singing rather than his usual pop/rock style.

The other star of the show was Beau Bridges. He is this guy here. He is pretty cool, I like him because he is in Stargate SG1, I got this picture and his autograph because Stargate SG1 is my favorite show! I also saw 'RENT' on Off-Broadway for only twenty five dollars in the front row! It is my favorite musical so I was really blessed to be able to see it while I was in the city. It was one of the best experiences ever. I was crying and laughing the whole show and I forgot how uplifting it is. Theatre is such a powerful thing.

I also saw 'MEMPHIS' starring Adam pascal. That was also a very good show for twenty six dollars and great seats! I loved it. It's about music and racism in the sixties. It was really funny but also very well scripted and dramatic. I enjoyed the dancing aspect of it the most. The Ensemble was incredible! That was one of my favorite things about Broadway was the fact that the ensembles were so incredible and energetic.

Another great highlight of the trip was that we were able to visit Ground Zero. They have these gigantic pools that mark where the Twin Towers stood. This is the South Pool and there is another one in the other tours place. Around the side are the names of all the people who died that day. It was a really incredible site and very moving. I had been to the site six years ago and it was nothing like this. It was all rubble with pictures. This memorial site is a new thing that I think it really impressive and touching. In this picture is my sister who I was able to share this experience, and the rest of New York, with.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zombies and Humans BATTLE

This week has been AMAZING! Me and my friends, 20 of us, started this game called Humans vs. Zombies. Go to to check out the rules and read reports on other campus's playing! It's a campus game involving as many people as you want. The humans try to avoid zombies and the zombies try to eat the humans! READ ABOUT IT! We're starting another round school wide on the 26th of March. Please join in!!! Find me or any theatre kid to get information. We're really excited about it. Humans needs Nerf guns and everyone needs bandannas.

So, how it works is everyone is a human at first except for one person chosen to be the first zombie. That person tries to tag a human to become a zombie. If a zombie doesn't tag in 48 hours they die of starvation (That was me on Wednesday, I died. I couldn't 'feed' on a human in time. :(.) Anyway, it's awesome. :D



Thursday, March 1, 2012

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A Quick Follow Up...

I FINALLY got my graduation things done! I'm pretty sure that I am solid to graduate in May! After three years here May doesn't seem far at all. It's sad really, I love it here. But it's time for me to move on to other things, you know? Graduating is something that I look forward to so much. Recieving a college degree, moving on, walking with all my friends in our caps and gowns! It is going to be a great experience.


The 'almost' graduate Emily :D