Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zombies and Humans BATTLE

This week has been AMAZING! Me and my friends, 20 of us, started this game called Humans vs. Zombies. Go to humansvszombies.org to check out the rules and read reports on other campus's playing! It's a campus game involving as many people as you want. The humans try to avoid zombies and the zombies try to eat the humans! READ ABOUT IT! We're starting another round school wide on the 26th of March. Please join in!!! Find me or any theatre kid to get information. We're really excited about it. Humans needs Nerf guns and everyone needs bandannas.

So, how it works is everyone is a human at first except for one person chosen to be the first zombie. That person tries to tag a human to become a zombie. If a zombie doesn't tag in 48 hours they die of starvation (That was me on Wednesday, I died. I couldn't 'feed' on a human in time. :(.) Anyway, it's awesome. :D



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