Friday, April 27, 2012

Do you guys like dressing in all one color?

YES! My friend Corbett makes fun of me for it all the time... I wish I could find a picture! I have a red shirt, red pants, red shoes, and a red hat that I wear together. I personally thinks it's hilarious and awesome. Corbett finds it amusing but dumb! :( He works in the shop with me.

P.S. Secret Garden has had two matinees and two night shows this week. Lot's of Gardens being secretive!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Geology, Cacti, and Lizards :D

Hi everyone! It is SUCH nice weather here in Wyoming today! Actually, it's been pretty nice the last couple of weeks. I just love the springtime here SO much! on to more specific things. On Sunday I went on a trip for my Geology class. We drove six hours to Colorado and six hours back. We had a blast along the way and here are some of the things we saw! 

This is a Dam, I don't recall the name of it but it was so beautiful. We didn't get to look over the other edge because it was closed but this is where the water stopped and met the dam. :D

First of all, WHAT!? Look at the way that rock is shaped! My teacher told me to take a few snapshots of it and we are going to discuss how it was created in class later today. I'll let you know what I figure out!

Just more of the pretty sights in Colorado. 

This picture was more for artistic sake, and I just really wanted to show you how pretty the sky is! That is one of the BEST things about Wyoming-the sky. This picture is from Colorado but still, our skies here in Rock Springs are top notch.

CACTUS FLOWERS! Have you ever seen any before!? Beautiful. 

This is my lizard friend I met on the trip... I should've asked him for a name.

These next few pictures were the reason we came to this site on the trip. My teacher. A. Dudley Gardner, explained the rock art to us and what the different shapes meant. It's incredible. He has a Ph. D and is an archaeologist.  When you guys get to Western make sure you check out his classes! He is an excellent teacher and takes us on great field trips! Plus, some students get to go to Costa Rica with him in the summertime!

That's Dudley, the teach.

... the finale. A classic cactus. I don't see many of them but there were a lot on this site and I think they are awesome. :)

Basically, this last semester at Western has been a blast. But every semester can be, and was for me, if you get involved in fun and educational things. I wouldn't give my time up here for anything. Make sure to look at the class schedule online and check out our great courses!!!


P.S. I'm probably going to London with Dudley in December!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012


We're doing this dance. The GIRLS of the theatre department for a musical review.

More info later, stay tuned.


What would you say to someone who is considering attending WWCC to influence their decision to attend your school?

Oh wow... there is a lot of things I would say! One, I would inform them that the Scholarships are pretty amazing but make sure to apply early! That's true for any school you are applying for. Scholarships are going to save your LIFE these next few years!
Make sure that you talk to the head of the department you are wanting to join, they almost always have scholarships available and they love to hear form you when preparing for the next school year.

The Residence Halls. I've lived in them all three years and I love them! You can look further down on my blog to see some posts about them specifically. I've had both a suite and an apartment and both worked really well for me! Plus, the RA's are always really helpful and nice. I am currently one of them!

The most important thing I have to say is that the transition from High School into college isn't easy. BUT it is always better to start with a junior college as a stepping stone. I'm not saying I don't learn a LOT here, because I do, but i'm saying the smaller classes are easier to adapt to when forming into a college setting.

Thanks for your questions! If you ever want to talk to me call the Marketing and Publishing department at the school and ask them how to get ahold of me! Good luck finding a school!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My crafty crafts...

Oh, the things the internet can do! I was searching on and found this page:
It is a beauty blog and explains how to make a simple bow and I was so bored in my room I decided to do it! I took some old t-shirts, scissors and safety pins to create my bows.

Had this tank top for quite some time and couldn't decide what to do with it....
And I got two bows out of it with cute lace in the middle!

 Made some wonderful MUSTANG colored bows with two different shirts. :D
After making these red bows I attached them to some old shoes! I wear them all the time now.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I thought it was a good time. :D Next post will probably be after my trip to Colorado this weekend! Be ready for some hiking photos!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sing your heart out.

So, I am in a voice lesson class and today we performed our songs!

I've been practicing this song all semester and I think I did pretty well in my performance. I was trying to experiment with a 'pop' like sound which is pretty new for me.

Our musical director here at Western is pretty awesome. His name is Doug Knapp, and it is his first year at Western! Anyone interested in music be sure to check out the department when you visit. Doug is head of the choral and vocal side and Martha is head of the instrumental.

P.s. The video is having trouble loading, but i'll keep trying!
The question is, what is the point in settling for building a campfire on this side, when I can break my legs jumping over a chasm? Broken legs are much more exciting. Thinking again, wasting time. :)

Front, middle or back of the movie theater?

It totally depends on the movie. The Hunger Games= back because it is so shaky if you sit too close you'll vomit. Overall I choose to sit in the middle though, but NEVER in the front! That is just hard to focus on. I don't like sitting in the back often either because I feel like I am pulled out of the world I am trying to experience. I just like the middle spot where there is usually that bar to put your feet on. :D I also love having the theatre to myself so I can run around...

it's a good time. :D

Ask me anything

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good ol' fashion me...

This is a video from last semester! I finally figured out how to post videos on here so start getting used to it. :D This is me performing in a musical review the club, "B-LGT" put together. The review was called 'It gets better' and it was to raise money to donate to 'The Trevor Project'. It is a suicide prevention organization focusing mainly on LGBT youth. If you have any interest, want to donate, or just want to here amazing messages of hope check out the website:
This is my song in the show, I can only hope our funds helped! Think of all the lives saved by the Trevor Project.
Join an organization with a cause today, or just do whatever you can to help! Sending positive energy works great. :D



More Western Activities

Oh tech week, so much rehearsing!

The next project I have been focusing on, performance wise, is called 'Dancing with the Athletes'. It's a show that the theatre and dance department puts on which involves 6 dancers and 6 athletes partnering up and doing a fun 'dance competition.' It is such a great way to get to know people outside of our general departments! I think that it is a charity event as well, but i'm not sure yet! All I know so far is that I am one of the dancers competing! My partner and I have chosen a song:
His name is Craig and I am really excited to be working with him. He is a basketball player and a few of his friends are involved as well!
Here are my top two reasons for coming to Western; the amazing activities and shows and the personal attention in classrooms. If you haven't noticed that by my previous blogs I apologize because that is the point I am trying to make here. The best three years of my life so far have been spent on this campus.
I'm about to get really serious here. The only decision i've ever made that I am dead set on it being the best decision was coming to Western. Whether it's a stepping stone for a university, coming back to college after being gone for a while, or just needing a good time and true friendship; Western has been my savior in all these areas.
I'll try and get a video of my dance performance up! It's on May 5th at 7pm. If you can try to come PLEASE say hello afterwards so I can tell you more about Western!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hi! Sorry it's been a little bit since I have written, things have been really busy here at Western! We're interviewing people for new RA positions next year, Secret Garden is in it's final stages of rehearsal, and I'm getting my life ready for the summer!

First, let's start with interviewing. Being a Resident Assistant (RA) is one of the best jobs I have ever had and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to apply! You have to live in the dorms one semester before you can apply, but after that you are golden! I only did it my second year of college and I love every second of it. But, this isn't about me! We have a lot of new people applying for the 17 positions opening up in the fall. The returning RA's don't have to do the whole application process, but they do have to have a special interview with our boss Dustin Conover and he will decide whether to rehire them or not.

My part in the applicants process is that, as a staff member, I get to attend the interviews of the applicants and ask them questions. After that we discuss what we thought of them with Dustin and he makes the final decisions. It really is a great experience to talk to the applicants and be a part of the hiring process, it's all new and great to learn!

Next, Secret Garden. Oh, Secret Garden. It is the next play that the theatre department is putting on. It shows the last three weekends in April at 7:30pm. Please come and watch if you can! Perspective theatre students can get in free if they talk to the theatre office. It is going to be a great, great show and we just started tech rehearsals. Which means the set, lights, costumes, and props have just come into play. I am on costume and set crew and it is a lot of hard work and long rehearsal hours, but it's worth it!

Lastly, my future plans. I have organized to live in an apartment in Salt Lake City, which I am very excited about. The hardest part is looking for jobs! Am I right? We must not give up though even though it seems finding jobs these days is really difficult. Speaking of jobs, when you come to Western there are LOADS of internship opportunities! Plus, we have a place called the ACE IT center and they help a LOT with jobs too.

Best of luck and KEEP WORKING HARD till graduation! Hope to see you perspective kids in the fall when I visit!

p.s. don't forget to ask me questions! :D