Monday, February 27, 2012

Have you ever stayed awake all night?

Once I stayed up for 38 hours straight. And by the time it was over I still wasn't tired! Well, I didn't feel tired. I laid down and was a goner right away. Anyway, the reason I stayed up was because my roommate and her friends were staying up all night doing homework and I decided to watch the movies they were playing as background. I was planning on only watching 'All Dogs Go To Heaven' but ended up watching all of the ones they played AND they all went to sleep before I did! I went to class and rehearsal feeling fine until I decided to lie down for a moment, just to rest my eyes before hanging out with friends, and I slept clean through the night. It was fun! But I had a terrible headache the next morning.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Do you like to get dressed up for dates?

Yes, in fact, I do. It is so much fun to have an excuse to get dressed up. I have a LOT of dresses and what better excuse to use them then to get dressed up for a date? Although, it does depend on what the activity for the date is. Generally I think a cute casual is the best way to go. Nice pants, nice shirt and pretty hair. Not so casual that it looks like you don't care, you know? So yeah. Generally I do dress up. :D

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do you like bacon?

DO. I. LIKE. BACON!? Yes! I love bacon so much it's not ever funny! It is extremely frustrating actually because I decided to try being a vegetarian for a month and I get no bacon! On Tuesday my month is up and my friend is making me dinner with bacon and chicken enchiladas. It is sure to be a night to remember! Then I might start over and go ANOTHER month without meat! I'm so crazy in doing little things I don't understand just to get a feel for them. That's why I want to try everything and understand life! But i'll stay away from things I really thing will be harmful to me. But yes, I LOVE BACON!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mornings in the tech shop:

So, if anybody was wondering, I am an intern in the technical theatre shop. We build sets, paint them and get ready for productions. I work Monday through Thursday mornings from 8:00am to 11:00am. It is so much fun! Although it is extremely hard sometimes when my hands start to hurt or it gets really cold. But, it is still really...what's the word i'm looking for... fulfilling to have a set done and built and be able to watch performances on it. Or, in my case, I get to perform on it sometimes! I love being on both sides of theatre. Working on the technical side and being a performer as well. My favorite side of technical theatre is Stage Managing. I try to get as many opportunities to do it as possible. The Stage Manager is the person who makes sure everything goes smoothly and calls all the cues for things to happen during the show. I just stage managed 'JKindertransport' which performed the end of January. I hope those of you who saw it liked it!

What is your favorite theatre production you have been in so far?

My first year of college I was in a production of 'Antigone'. It is a Greek play about a girl who fights against the law to stand up for what is really right. It is a tragedy though which was kind of sad. I played the Queen and The Messenger. It was student directed and produced at Western.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The worst thing about Wyoming turned best.

The BEST thing ever just happened. Literally five seconds ago I just got back inside from the coolest experience of my life. It's 9:51pm on Feb 22nd and the most amazing night has just transpired!
First you need some...let's call it exposition? The Wind here has been unbearable and annoying all day. We've all been complaining about it and annoyed as all heck! You can read many kids status' on facebook from today and you will hear all about the Wind we so love here at home. Then I decided to take a trip to Wal Mart. I meet up with a few friends and they want to watch tv for a minute (Wind River Commons. Great tv room. :D) and i'm way to hyper to sit still. So, I decide to run around oustide! After a few moments leaning in the Wind (I capatalize 'Wind' because it seems to have a personality of it's own.) I turn and see three of my other friends tying sheets to their hands and feet and FLYING. They'd jump in the hair and the Wind would lift them for a few moments! It was the most amazing thing to watch. Then I got to try it! I know the pictures are a little fuzzy but I will try uploading a video later.
Now to turn this into a metaphorical life changing experience. Why take something as seemingly horrible as the Wind and make it so bad? Make it wonderful. Ride on the problem until you are ruling it. Not it ruling you. Don't you guys just LOVE the cheesiness of it all? :D
P.S. I hope I get to Wal Mart! :P

Saturday, February 18, 2012

That awkward 'Scottish Play'...

Time for a funny story. Last night was the opening night of my show and it went really well! After Applebees we had an extremely awkward encounter with the word 'Macbeth'. If you didn't know it is bad luck to say that inside a theatre during a show. Some people, like my best friend, think it's bad luck to say anywhere anytime. I just think you should never say it in a theatre at all. Anyway, we were at dinner after the show and one of my friends says 'Oh I said Macbeth twelve times backstage'. IMMEDIATELY someone tips over a cup of water all over the table. After a few moments of all of us yelling and saying how horrible that was of him to say and laughing really hard, another friend says 'You said Macbeth backstage!?' and ANOTHER glass of water tips over. Needless to say we were all dying of laughter.

This story is proof to non-superstitious people that you shouldn't say that word! Mostly it was just the funniest thing ever. I am so glad that we have continued this tradition of going to Applebees after opening night. I've been doing it for three years of shows here at Western! Thank you Applebees for being there for us.

What traditions do you guys have?



Friday, February 17, 2012

A week of tech

Tonight the show I am in opens! Please come if you can. It starts at 7:30pm in the WWCC theatre and it is free for students! And any prospective students reading this blog, please keep in mind that if you are looking into the theatre department they will give you free tickets to our shows the day you come to tour! They also give Alumni free tickets! I am so excited for this show to open. This week has been our tech week which means a lot of rehearsals. We run the show every night and practice various parts that need work in the afternoons. It's such a busy time for us here!

On other notes, I am trying to figure out graduation things still. It's a long process and I will admit that I keep getting distracted. Incredibly distracted! My most current distraction is watching Smallville season 10. And before that was 'How I Met Your Mother'. Luckily, my friends help me make time for other important things by keeping me in mind. Having fun is good but getting homework turned in on time is the best possible thing for a college student. Just do what is right even if it's not easy!



Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Western Alumnis Journey to Success

HI Everyone! I have really exciting news this time around. One of my old friends and Western Alumni is trying to get his singing career off the ground! Check out the link to this site:

This is a neat site that helps people get started on their careers! Check out the other artists trying to get themselves out in the open. How it works he's that you pledge a dollar to his cause until he gets to his goal. His goal ends on March 8th and is $8,888! Once he gets to the goal then the site will fund him for his project.

Give this alumni of our school a shot and go listen to him sing!



Saturday, February 11, 2012

Speaking of rehearsal...

This is the show i'm in!!! Please check out it's facebook page
It's going to be really great and I wrote the script for it! It's a musical review, I do have a solo and everyone performs really magnificently. COME SEE IT!!!


Prepping for Graduation

I am just starting the graduation process and let me tell you. It is crazy! I have to talk to my adviser, and apply online and talk to the registration office. It's been taking so long because I am in rehearsal all of the time. Let me tell you, I have done two shows in a row!!! The firsts one started rehearsal on January ninth and the second one closes February 25th. That doesn't seem like a long time but we rehearse all the time everyday. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE it. But, it is a lot of time taken up in my day so that I don't have time to get my other stuff together. But I do always have time to do homework. Everyone that is REALLY important! I know that our shows and our sports are important but school comes first. I have found amazing balance in my life, and everyone should try their hardest! I have two on campus jobs, I am now a student blogger, a theatre major, on institute council and trying to graduate while focusing on classes. It's such a good thing to be involved in as many things as possible as long as you have a good balance.

WISH ME LUCK! I wish the best of luck to you. :)



Sunday, February 5, 2012

Once upon a superbowl...

Hi everyone! Today is my friend Shelby's birthday AND superbowl Sunday! What a perfect excuse for a party. I didn't show up until the party was about halfway in but a group of great kids from Western are gathered in the Rocky Commons to watch the Superbowl and celebrate Shelbys birthday.

We are having a great time. One of my favorite things about the residence halls is that there are so many commons areas for us to hang out, have parties, and watch t.v.! I don't get cable in my room so it's great to have t.v.'s in the commons to watch. In Rocky there are t.v.'s on every floor and a big commons room (where we are now) on the first floor. Wind River also has them on every floor! The apartment buildings (Teton, White Mountain and Snowy Range) do not have t.v.'s. They are the oldest buildings, which is probably why. Aspen Hall has one it's it's main lobby and the game room.

But anyway! The t.v's here are new ones that were installed this year. Basically our schools residence halls are the best!



Thursday, February 2, 2012

My First Post!

Hi! My name is Emily Suzette Larsen and I am officially blogging in the name of Western Wyoming Community College. I hope you guys like my blog and I am really excited to start writing all about my favorite place in the world. I can't even describe how much I love being here with justice but I will try my hardest.

I first came to Western in fall of 2009 to become a Theatre Major at the school. I received a performance scholarship and an academic scholarship. This is my third year of College and I am now a Resident Assistant! I was a Student Ambassador for a year and a half but this semester I had to stop for the purpose of taking another job. That other job was becoming a theatre intern working in the scene shop. Currently, like most college students, money is a bit of an issue so I had to take a job that paid more. I do miss being a student ambassador terribly! But, that's one thing we learn as we grow up.

We learn to make the right decisions even if they are hard.


Emily Suzette