Monday, March 26, 2012

H vs Z: Round One

One of my favorite things about Western is the activities that our clubs plan! We have a number of clubs on campus, all are easy to join and it is a GREAT way to get involved on campus. Currently the club, ASOPA (Associated Students of Performing Arts) is putting on 'Humans vs. Zombies'. Now that the beta group is over we have over 55 players in the school involved. Check out the website!

It's so much fun! In just one day we already have ten zombies! I think the game will only last till Friday but who even knows, it's all about chance. So many people are being eaten. And personally, one of my best friends has become a zombie! It's so sad because I think my roomie is going to be next...

Honestly, it seems like this game would add stress but really it is SUCH a stress reliever for me! I get to focus on class in class and then once i'm out I can relax about that a little by always being on the look out for zombies. Don't worry: there are safe zones! Like classrooms, work, dorm rooms and bathrooms. Right now I am hiding out in a dorm room! Even though it's a zombies dorm room... awkward.
This is one of the many posters at our school. In your search for college programs, makes sure to visit the ASG (Associated Student Government) office at the school and learn about the clubs on campus! Getting involved is one of the most important things when heading to college. It helps you make friends, stay active, and enjoy your first years out of home! Even if it isn't your first year out of home and you will be applying as an nontraditional student it is still VERY important to get involved! Good luck!
Emily Suzette

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