Thursday, March 22, 2012

Attending Western

Coming to this school has been the best decision I have ever made in my young life. Right now I’m in a Geology class and I honestly never thought science could be so fun! My teachers are Dudley Gardner and Charlie Love. They are really helpful. One great thing about going to a smaller school is that it is much easier to get personal attention from your teachers. They all have office hours where you can come ask questions AND they are really easy to contact by e-mail.

For anyone considering becoming a theatre major listen up... THIS is the school for you! The theatre department is the best place to start your college theatre career. It will lead you into any graduate program after you’re done at your time here with amazing tools and skills. I have already been through the whole program and I have improved more as a performer than I ever thought I could. Please, please consider our program!

You can ask my anything you want in my ask box on the left side of this page. Ask about school, theatre, life, the dorms etc. Any questions you have are welcome!

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