Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Geology, Cacti, and Lizards :D

Hi everyone! It is SUCH nice weather here in Wyoming today! Actually, it's been pretty nice the last couple of weeks. I just love the springtime here SO much! on to more specific things. On Sunday I went on a trip for my Geology class. We drove six hours to Colorado and six hours back. We had a blast along the way and here are some of the things we saw! 

This is a Dam, I don't recall the name of it but it was so beautiful. We didn't get to look over the other edge because it was closed but this is where the water stopped and met the dam. :D

First of all, WHAT!? Look at the way that rock is shaped! My teacher told me to take a few snapshots of it and we are going to discuss how it was created in class later today. I'll let you know what I figure out!

Just more of the pretty sights in Colorado. 

This picture was more for artistic sake, and I just really wanted to show you how pretty the sky is! That is one of the BEST things about Wyoming-the sky. This picture is from Colorado but still, our skies here in Rock Springs are top notch.

CACTUS FLOWERS! Have you ever seen any before!? Beautiful. 

This is my lizard friend I met on the trip... I should've asked him for a name.

These next few pictures were the reason we came to this site on the trip. My teacher. A. Dudley Gardner, explained the rock art to us and what the different shapes meant. It's incredible. He has a Ph. D and is an archaeologist.  When you guys get to Western make sure you check out his classes! He is an excellent teacher and takes us on great field trips! Plus, some students get to go to Costa Rica with him in the summertime!

That's Dudley, the teach.

... the finale. A classic cactus. I don't see many of them but there were a lot on this site and I think they are awesome. :)

Basically, this last semester at Western has been a blast. But every semester can be, and was for me, if you get involved in fun and educational things. I wouldn't give my time up here for anything. Make sure to look at the class schedule online and check out our great courses!!!


P.S. I'm probably going to London with Dudley in December!!!

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