Thursday, April 19, 2012

My crafty crafts...

Oh, the things the internet can do! I was searching on and found this page:
It is a beauty blog and explains how to make a simple bow and I was so bored in my room I decided to do it! I took some old t-shirts, scissors and safety pins to create my bows.

Had this tank top for quite some time and couldn't decide what to do with it....
And I got two bows out of it with cute lace in the middle!

 Made some wonderful MUSTANG colored bows with two different shirts. :D
After making these red bows I attached them to some old shoes! I wear them all the time now.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I thought it was a good time. :D Next post will probably be after my trip to Colorado this weekend! Be ready for some hiking photos!

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