Sunday, May 13, 2012

And so it continues...

Blood pounding, hearts racing, suddenly the words on the page start to resemble Greek symbols and the main problem is-you don't speak Greek. You try to catch your breath, look for some sort of familiarity, anything! But nothing is catching up to you. Then you remember, you studied for this, you've been preparing for this for a whole semester. Almost immediately the knowledge begins to flow out of you and you finish the final, finally.

Hello everyone! It is finals week, they started on Friday, and I have never felt so prepared! Granted, I only had five finals and three were performing-but hey! I had to practice a lot to do that. That's why I haven't blogged for a few days, please forgive, i've been studying for my other finals. I have two left tomorrow. Geology and Acting 2. I am not worried about either for I feel that I have prepared quite thoroughly.

Perhaps i'm vain, but i'm assuming ya'll would like to see my two finished performing finals? Here they are!
This one is my Jazz Dance final. The first half was out teachers choreography and the second half we had to choreograph using things we had learned in class. 

Acting For Musical Theatre
Final. I'm really sad that this class is over, it was definitely one of my favorites.

Though my time at Western is coming to a close, I would like to send my love to all of those who have just begun their time here or will just be starting this Summer or Fall. You truly have a few years of a precious gift before you and I hope that you accept it full heartedly. Never doubt yourself, your school, or your major. Once you find your calling in life pursue it to the full extent that you can manage. I can't even begin to express how luck you are to be, or to almost be, a part of the Western family. I give you my fondest thoughts and my blessing.


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