Sunday, May 6, 2012

Be prepared for a lot of information...

This last week was completely INSANE! In a good way. :) In fact, in SEVERAL good ways! First of all we'll touch on a tradition between me and my two friends since our first year. Kylee and Austin were watching Rent one day back in 2009 (first year) and there is a part where the actors sing 'Happy Birthday Jesus'. SO, Kylee and Austin bought a cake that said those words on it and shared it with me when I got home. Then we made one second year, and this cake below is the one we made third year!

Austin did two a's on accident, I wrote Jesus and Kylee wrote Happy. Our names are on the sides and the bottom says 'No Day But Today'-another quote from Rent..
 Well, we watched the movie 'Rent Live on Broadway' while we made the cake. It was so fun and much needed nostalgia/tradition.

Onto our next topic! For my stagecraft class, a technical theatre class, we are required to make three things for our final; build and paint a flat, a teddy bear with a costume and a weapon. My weapon isn't finished yet but here are the first two!

My flat is based off of Peter Pan. :D He's in the sky there.

A close up!

This is my bear. He is a character named Edward Elric from a tv show!
Lots of blogging is about to pop up this week! I still have to post about Dancing with the Athletes and more finals! Be prepared :D


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