Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Here it comes everyone, the sad moment that everyone is waiting for. The moment when the school year is about to end... I have been here for three years and it is coming to a close. It is such a sad... sad thing! But it is also good to be moving on. I am really glad that I won't have to do a strike for a long time! Strike is when we take down the whole set after a show closes, it takes FOREVER!!! But it is also really fun being with all my friends... and power tools :D

Some of the wonderful theatre kids striking, not to mention a lot of non-majors came to help!


These are the castors from our turn table that is totally taken apart now!

This is my last strike with my favorite drill Perry. :(

Oh, the fun of the year coming to an end. It's sad, but i'm also really happy to be graduating.  Western, you've given me some of the best three years of my life.


Emily Suzette

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