Saturday, February 18, 2012

That awkward 'Scottish Play'...

Time for a funny story. Last night was the opening night of my show and it went really well! After Applebees we had an extremely awkward encounter with the word 'Macbeth'. If you didn't know it is bad luck to say that inside a theatre during a show. Some people, like my best friend, think it's bad luck to say anywhere anytime. I just think you should never say it in a theatre at all. Anyway, we were at dinner after the show and one of my friends says 'Oh I said Macbeth twelve times backstage'. IMMEDIATELY someone tips over a cup of water all over the table. After a few moments of all of us yelling and saying how horrible that was of him to say and laughing really hard, another friend says 'You said Macbeth backstage!?' and ANOTHER glass of water tips over. Needless to say we were all dying of laughter.

This story is proof to non-superstitious people that you shouldn't say that word! Mostly it was just the funniest thing ever. I am so glad that we have continued this tradition of going to Applebees after opening night. I've been doing it for three years of shows here at Western! Thank you Applebees for being there for us.

What traditions do you guys have?



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