Friday, February 17, 2012

A week of tech

Tonight the show I am in opens! Please come if you can. It starts at 7:30pm in the WWCC theatre and it is free for students! And any prospective students reading this blog, please keep in mind that if you are looking into the theatre department they will give you free tickets to our shows the day you come to tour! They also give Alumni free tickets! I am so excited for this show to open. This week has been our tech week which means a lot of rehearsals. We run the show every night and practice various parts that need work in the afternoons. It's such a busy time for us here!

On other notes, I am trying to figure out graduation things still. It's a long process and I will admit that I keep getting distracted. Incredibly distracted! My most current distraction is watching Smallville season 10. And before that was 'How I Met Your Mother'. Luckily, my friends help me make time for other important things by keeping me in mind. Having fun is good but getting homework turned in on time is the best possible thing for a college student. Just do what is right even if it's not easy!



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