Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The worst thing about Wyoming turned best.

The BEST thing ever just happened. Literally five seconds ago I just got back inside from the coolest experience of my life. It's 9:51pm on Feb 22nd and the most amazing night has just transpired!
First you need some...let's call it exposition? The Wind here has been unbearable and annoying all day. We've all been complaining about it and annoyed as all heck! You can read many kids status' on facebook from today and you will hear all about the Wind we so love here at home. Then I decided to take a trip to Wal Mart. I meet up with a few friends and they want to watch tv for a minute (Wind River Commons. Great tv room. :D) and i'm way to hyper to sit still. So, I decide to run around oustide! After a few moments leaning in the Wind (I capatalize 'Wind' because it seems to have a personality of it's own.) I turn and see three of my other friends tying sheets to their hands and feet and FLYING. They'd jump in the hair and the Wind would lift them for a few moments! It was the most amazing thing to watch. Then I got to try it! I know the pictures are a little fuzzy but I will try uploading a video later.
Now to turn this into a metaphorical life changing experience. Why take something as seemingly horrible as the Wind and make it so bad? Make it wonderful. Ride on the problem until you are ruling it. Not it ruling you. Don't you guys just LOVE the cheesiness of it all? :D
P.S. I hope I get to Wal Mart! :P

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