Sunday, February 5, 2012

Once upon a superbowl...

Hi everyone! Today is my friend Shelby's birthday AND superbowl Sunday! What a perfect excuse for a party. I didn't show up until the party was about halfway in but a group of great kids from Western are gathered in the Rocky Commons to watch the Superbowl and celebrate Shelbys birthday.

We are having a great time. One of my favorite things about the residence halls is that there are so many commons areas for us to hang out, have parties, and watch t.v.! I don't get cable in my room so it's great to have t.v.'s in the commons to watch. In Rocky there are t.v.'s on every floor and a big commons room (where we are now) on the first floor. Wind River also has them on every floor! The apartment buildings (Teton, White Mountain and Snowy Range) do not have t.v.'s. They are the oldest buildings, which is probably why. Aspen Hall has one it's it's main lobby and the game room.

But anyway! The t.v's here are new ones that were installed this year. Basically our schools residence halls are the best!



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